Ayrton introduces laser-source profile

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2016

ayrtonlaserAyrton has launched DreamSpot-18k, billed as the world’s first laser-source automated profile.

Fitted with an Osram Laser Phaser P6000 phosphor conversion module, DreamSpot-18K is capable of both beam and spot projection and offers an 18,000 lumen output, in a uniform beam with no hot spots, plus continuous pan and tilt capability.

DreamSpot-18K’s zoom is composed of a 13-element optical system that provides a range of 2° to 34° in Beam mode and 6° to 54° in Spot mode. The monochrome laser emitter is colour calibrated at 5,600°K, negating the need for relamping due to colour variations.

DreamSpot-18K offers a CMY subtractive colour mixing system and a wheel of 13 standard colours that include four levels of CTO correction. It is capable of producing an almost infinite palette of pastel and saturated colours, says the company.

Its flicker-free source management ensures DreamSpot-18K is also suitable for TV applications and all video recorded events. For optimum stability, DreamSpot-18K is equipped with a highly effective new phase-change liquid cooling system using heat pipe technology.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au