Avolites launch three new products

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012

Avolites and Avolites Media (Hall 1, booths F18 and G15) are set to launch three new products and new Titan Operating system at PLASA 2012. It will see Avolites Ltd presenting the launch of the Titan One virtual console and Titan Version 6, while Avolites Media will showcase the Ai Infinity Media Servers and launch the ground breaking Sapphire Media console.

Known for their professional and friendly approach, the team from Avolites will be on hand to offer individual demonstrations and detailed technical information about the fully comprehensive visual control range.

Avolites Titan V6 not only offers support of Titan-Net distributed DMX but also a host of new features such as the ability of Assignable Global and Individual Rate Masters to enable over-ride of BPM and Times, Auto-legend for Colours, Gobos and Video Clips as well as to hand draw into your Pixel Mapper with Avo Quicksketch or display imported JPEGs or Text.

Advanced theatrical features offer Move in Dark, Block Cues and This Cue Only functions. The new Graphical Patch View offers very fast, clear and intuitive analysis of the consoles patched fixtures.

The Titan One virtual console Is the cost effective solution for every lighting application.

Titan One DMX USB Dongle allows the user to output one line of DMX on any of the 12 lines with the full functionality of Avolites Titan Software. Access powerful features such as Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, Media Clip Select, Attribute Control-Blades and Shape Generator. Titan One allows you unlimited usage which gives you uninterrupted programming and playback time.

Also on show will be Avolites Titan-Net. Titan-Net is Avolites Hi-speed network data link allowing any Titan console to control up-to 64 DMX Universes. The system deploys ‘Titan-Net Processing Nodes’with each T-NPN producing 8 physical universes of DMX and a further 8 universes over Art-Net, giving a powerful 16 universes per Node.

The Sapphire Touch, Avolites top-of-the-range stage lighting control console will also be shown with its integrated Titan V6 operating system. It also offers dual touch screen monitors for an enhanced workflow. Designed for large scale arena tours the Sapphire Touch has been developed for efficient and smooth automated playback operation with the introduction of 45 motorised faders and Tricolour optical trackball functionality and delivers a unique Saturn ring, giving X, Y, Z axis to ensure simultaneous control. This popular new console from Avolites Ltd. also contains multi-language operation for all major worldwide productions.

Following huge demand since its launch at PLASA 2011, Avolites Media preview to visitors the Ai Media Server and the ‘Sapphire Media’ a new video control console considered to be at the forefront of visual control.

Visitors can also view Avolites Media’s Ai Infinity, which represents “the next step in Media Server technology”. The headline feature is the incredible 8 Full HD outputs. Conveniently, each DVI output has an accompanying preview output. The Ai Infinity also includes internal EDID management, LTC and MIDI Time-code, Genloc Input, Multi-Server Frame-sync and Master-Slave remote control. Avolites extensive touring experience leads to the highest quality of components, contained in the custom anti-vibration and anti-shock internal floating frame. The other benefit, clear for all to see, is the front panel mounted touch screen enabling local control, system analysis and remote preview.

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