AVE keep ahead of the game with grandMA2

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Recently Sydney-based Audio Visual Events has noticed one product constantly popping up on production riders – a MA Lighting grandMA2 ultra-light console and to keep up with the techo-trend they just had to purchase one!

”In order to keep up with the industry we decided to take the step to meet the demands,” remarked Daniel Bergan, manager at AVE. “This is our first MA Lighting console and we’re amazed at how easy it is to use. The touch screen makes it so easy to program and do quick edits on the fly. We love the overall package – it does everything you want plus more. It’s really what we needed to move forward as a production company.”

The grandMA2 ultra-light is the little sister of the grandMA2 light. It features the full network performance of the MA Lighting family with the best price-performance ratio.

“Basically it’s a reputable brand that we find people want,” added Daniel. “With LED technology now in everyday use, we needed a console that could manage all the different types of lighting and digital lighting fixtures. The grandMA2 offers real time programming for conventional lights as well as moving lights, LED surfaces/fixtures and media servers. It’s surprising it doesn’t make a cup of coffee too! We’re rapt with the support and performance of the console.”