AVE discover the freedom of a Pro Shop WRX-1 wireless DMX system

Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Audio Visual Events has purchased a Pro Shop WRX-1 wireless DMX system comprising of two transmitters and four receivers. The system allows them to control fixtures through the use of a wireless transmitter and receiver meaning a lot less ugly cabling and faster set up time.

“I’ve used the system on four events so far and it has proved to be reliable,” commented Andrew Dennis, AVE’s production manager / lighting designer. “In fact, I haven’t had a single problem with it.”

AVE work on a lot of corporate events where the client does not like to see cabling on the ground and that was one of the main reasons in purchasing a Pro Shop WRX-1 wireless DMX system.

“The wireless DMX system allows us to deliver a nice seamless look where the only cable you may see is for power,” said Andrew. “You can hide the units behind stages although they do look quite nice so it’s not usually a problem to leave them in view.”

A couple of the aforementioned events were large productions held in the Dome at Sydney Olympic Park where Martin MAC moving lights were situated in different sections fifty metres apart. Instead of running cables to each location from the console, AVE was able to run the wireless DMX with two transmitters and four receivers so that each section had its own receiver.

“The system proved to be very versatile and we had no problem with dropping out,” added Andrew.