Auswide Productions rev up their inventory with LED LitePAR QUAD lights and MAC101’s

Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

It’s been three weeks since Auswide Productions received a huge boost to their inventory in the form of eight LED LitePAR Pro Quad-12 and twelve LED LitePAR Pro Quad-18 and they couldn’t be happier!

The new LED PIXPAR range is compact in size, utilises the latest in LED technology, and can cover a large range of the colour spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm and cool. Plus it is bright, looks fantastic and is also inexpensive.

When choosing his new fixtures, director James Pritchett compared the LED LitePAR Pro Quad lights against other similar fixtures on the market.

“I found the dispersion and brightness of the QUADs to be far superior to the other models,” he commented. “So really the purchase was a no-brainer!”

Auswide Productions purchased their LED LitePAR Pro Quads to use on corporate events as well as live concerts, with James remarking that they are great for up-lighting in venues.

“They also work well up in the truss for room wash lighting at corporate events,” he added. “Plus they look great as just eye candy rigged on truss or on uprights on stage. I really like the ability to adjust colour temperature and also that they are red, blue, green, and white so you can use them as an open white light source which is quite handy.”

James also notes that the QUAD fixtures have a ‘memory’ so he can set them to a certain DMX address or particular function, and when he turns them back on the next day they automatically go to those presets.

“It makes it easier to pre-prep and saves a lot of time on the ground,” he said. “I also like that they have three and five pin DMX because often you’re short of one style of cable or adaptors.

“So far they have performed really well and we’re very happy with our investment.”

Made of robust moulded aluminium, these new ‘PARS’ are stronger and longer lasting than the previous PAR64 / 56type variants. This means they’ll last longer in your installation or production department before requiring replacement thus saving you money.

At the same time of the LED LitePAR Pro Quad purchase, Auswide added four more Martin MAC101 LED moving head wash lights to the four they already own.

“We really needed to get four more as they tend to get specified in a touring pack of eight,” explained James. “They’re just a great little light with a tight, bright beam and it’s also very fast.”