Austage put their faith in the mighty Martin MAC101

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013

Austage Melbourne is the in-house audio visual supplier for Peninsula, Melbourne’s most avant-garde waterfront event-space. Recently they decided to replace their Martin SCX700 scanner lights which had for many years been dutifully lighting table tops for hundreds of events and functions.

In keeping with current technological advances, Austage decided to switch to LED lighting and again they chose the reliability and solid reputation offered by Martin. In fact a whopping 166 Martin MAC101 compact LED moving heads were installed into three of the four rooms at the venue.

“The size and profile of the MAC101 was perfect for the  venue as we managed to place them inside our existing trussing,” commented Michael Rankin, Austage’s Senior Technician. “They have really nice colour mixing, are very fast and extremely bright. It’s an amazing little fixture.”

Not only have the MAC101’s performed great since the install, Michael is also relieved that there is no lamp changing do be done plus they’re easier to clean and maintain.

“And of course, they use next to no power compared to the scanners,” he added. “Now we’re running twenty lights to a point instead of only four previously.”