Auckland Museum Lights Up with Philips LED Technology for its 80th Birthday

Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Philips Lighting is proud to announce its role in the upgrade of  one of New Zealand’s most stunning architectural and cultural landmarks, as Auckland Museum unveils a dramatic lighting transformation for the 80th birthday celebrations of its building.  The striking installation designed by Light Emotion and specified by New Zealand’s Modus Architectural Lighting utilises Philips’ latest LED technology both inside and outside the Greco-Roman inspired building, as well as display lighting from Philips Selecon – the Museum’s luminaire manufacturer of choice –  throughout the interior.

Sitting atop the Domain, the Auckland Museum has watched the growth of New Zealand’s largest city below, whilst maintaining its relevance as a place of great historical significance.  Symbolising the cultural importance to New Zealand’s past, present and future, the Museum will now take centre-stage in the city’s night sky alight with bold and emotive colour, thanks to Philips’ state-of-the-art programmable and energy efficient LED lighting technology.

“We are illuminating the building, not only to honour its architectural magnificence, but to signify the importance of the Museum’s connection with the city. This iconic building should be seen from all vantage points throughout our city, and we are proud to illuminate it in an economically friendly and beautiful new way,” says Museum Director Dr Vanda Vitali. “We want to mark the building’s 80th year and honour the War Memorial aspect of the Museum in a truly innovative manner.”

The Museum’s exterior installation utilises Philips ColorGraze® Powercore and ColorBlast® Powercore fixtures to light the neoclassical structure’s façade and columns. Through the use of these small, yet powerful LED lights the Museum can change the exterior’s look and feel simply with the touch of a button, enabling the Museum to enhance its profile on the city skyline and create new colorful illumination experiences for visitors throughout each year. 

“This installation marks the second major landmark that Philips has lit with LED technology in Auckland this year, following the upgrade to SkyCity’s SkyTower,” says Philips Electronics Australia and New Zealand CEO, Harry van Dyk.  “As a company whose heritage in New Zealand spans more than 80 years, and more recently the acquisition of award-winning luminaire manufacturer Selecon, Philips is immensely proud to play a role in transforming Auckland Museum, one of the country’s most important institutions.”

The two-part lighting upgrade also incorporates an interior upgrade, which includes creating a controllable, flexible environment in the Musuem’s foyer with Philips coloured LED technology, as well as the iW and eW Blast®  Powercore and eW Graze®  Powercore, energy efficient bright white LED solutions, enabling the space to be aesthetically changed for special events.

The current interior refurbishment also includes the installation of Philips Selecon’s award-winning Selecon Display Profile* high efficiency 35W metal halide model which combines exceptional light output and power savings with theatrical effect and functionality. Philips Selecon has supplied over 1000 luminaires since the 1990s, enhancing the visitor experience by adding colour, texture, shape and movement, while at the same time protecting and preserving the exhibits for future generations.  

The installation was designed by Light Emotion and specified in part by Modus Architectural Lighting.