Arts Centre Melbourne Chooses PRG Consoles

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia’s largest performing arts centre and the focal point of Melbourne’s cultural precinct, has chosen to purchase PRG V676 and V476 control consoles to meet their lighting control needs.

PRG will supply the consoles through its Australian subsidiary, Production Resource Group (Australia) Pty Ltd.  The selection of the Vx76 control platform by Arts Centre Melbourne marks the first permanent installation of the PRG control consoles in a performance venue.

The PRG V676 console was selected as the control solution for Arts Centre Melbourne’s main concert venue, Hamer Hall. The lighting technology upgrade is part of the redevelopment of the 2,464-seat space, which presents both orchestral and contemporary music performances. The intimate 376-seat Fairfax Studio, a theatrical space at Arts Centre Melbourne that is home to smaller drama productions, will use the V476 Console.  Along with the two consoles, PRG is also providing console backup, remote video nodes, and designer remotes, as well as staff training and ongoing support.

“The PRG console was chosen on the basis that it offered the best development and upgrade path while maintaining a familiar and well laid out user interface within an achievable budget,” explains Chris King, Manager, Theatre Technical Development for Arts Centre Melbourne. 

King and the lighting team evaluated a range of manufacturers and control console options before making their final decision.  There were a number of key features that the technical team were looking for in a new console that they found in the V676.

“There are so many features associated with the console that we like; it is hard to narrow it down to a few, but the Group Super Palettes, console layout and ergonomics are the ones that come to mind immediately,” comments King.  Arts Centre Melbourne also liked the graphical approach to managing show data on the Vx76 platform and the Media Palette, which is unique to PRG Vx76 consoles. Along with lighting, media control via the console was a requirement of the project.

A major benefit seen by Arts Centre Melbourne, and a factor in their decision, is the ability to work directly with the console development team at PRG.