Artistic Licence introduces Art-Switch PoE4

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Artistic Licence has introduced Art-Switch PoE4 – developed in response to customer feedback, it can be used to connect together up to four Art-Net nodes, such as Art-Lynx, providing both data and power for the unit and eliminating the need for external power supplies for each node, the company says.

As the number of Art-Net nodes being used in control systems increases, so too does the requirement to power each node. Art-Switch PoE4 uses a more efficient method than powering each node with an individual power supply, by feeding the voltage needed down the same cable as the data from the Ethernet Switch. This method is known as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Since Art-Net installations already require an Ethernet switch to carry data, why not include the power in the same unit?

Art-Switch PoE4 provides five 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, four of which support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). All Ethernet connections are made via RJ45 connectors and each port has individual indicators to show speed of connection, Ethernet activity and PoE use.

Art-Switch PoE4 is capable of auto-configuration per port, which includes speed, duplex and cable type. The PoE output on each of the four ports complies with the IEEE802.3af Ethernet standard. Art-Switch PoE4 requires a 48V DC power input introduced via an un-pluggable screw terminal connector supplied with the unit and is housed in a small robust DIN Rail case which can also be surface-mounted, making it a very adaptable installation product.

The PoE protocol ensures that, by providing power alongside data from a central location, the need to install separate, additional power supplies at remote locations is dispensed with. In this way project costs are reduced and installation is simplified.

Art-Switch PoE4 can be used with any PoE-compatible equipment, such as IP phones and web-cams and is aimed at all installers who wish to organise their multiple Ethernet/Art-Net nodes into remotely controllable zones with all power supplies in a central location.

Australian distributor: Balanced Technology