Artistic Licence Engineering Presents Rail-Pipe HC

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011

Artistic Licence Engineering has upgraded its Rail-Pipe technology to present Rail-Pipe HC, a six channel, high current, constant voltage controller for passive LED fixtures.

Redesigned in response to customers’ growing requirement for a more powerful LED controller; Rail-Pipe HC now runs at 20amps (@12V), split across six channels.

Rail-Pipe HC has two outputs, each with three channels for easy RGB connection, which allows independent control over two sets of Artistic Licence Flexi-Strip.

The popularity of Flexi-Strip has been a key factor in the development of Rail-Pipe HC, which can now control longer lengths of this innovative LED strip, as follows:

20m x Flexi-Strip RGB60
40m x Flexi-Strip RGB30
20m x Flexi-Strip Cool White60
20m x Flexi-Strip Warm White60

Rail-Pipe HC is DMX compatible and forms the perfect mid-range partner to Artistic Licence Engineering’s stand-alone Flexed-Up controller and its high-end Art-Net Ethernet controller, Art-Pipe.

The product is presented in a DIN Rail case which allows rail or surface mounting.
Australian Distributor: Balanced technology