Argyle in Bloom

Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2012


Argyle in Bloom is the latest creation of lighting designer Mark Hammer and collaborator Andre Kecskes and featured at VIVID Sydney 2012.

The Argyle Cut came alive with flowers and vines growing out of the rock and cement. The installation has been achieved using SPX Profiles from Philips Selecon aswell as Pacific Profiles and Robe 575w Profiles. Each were fitted with full colour glass and steel gobos from Gobotech.

“The quality of the fixtures and gobos were paramount to the success of the installation,” said Mark. “Without the output of the SPX profiles I would not have been able to get the crisp clear images I required. The installation was programmed to gently fade in and out over a two minute cycle and showed off the texture, shape and colour of the Argyle cut.”