Antari launch AF-5

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2010

There’s something new in the air at Antari. Long a leader in foggers and hazers, the company has entered the special effects fan market with the introduction of the Antari AF-5.

A versatile product with onboard wireless control and DMX, the AF-5 is a breath of fresh air in the touring, club, theatrical and house of worship markets.

With three different fan speeds, the AF-5 gives designers tight control over the level of wind they introduce to a stage, dance floor or any other setting.

Aside from creating the effect of the wind itself, the AF-5 can be used to make fog, haze, snow and bubbles travel farther and higher. Flexible enough to excel in a variety of applications, the AF-5 has an adjustable 45 degree wind angle.

“The AF-5 really takes fogger effects to the next level,” said Eric Loader, Director of Sales for Elation Professional, the exclusive North American distributor of Antari products. “It makes foggers, hazers and other effects much more dramatic, because it not only spreads fog and haze over a wider coverage area, but it also allows you to achieve the coverage you want in much less time. This professional series fan is a must have for touring and rental companies.”

Made of durable polypropylene plastic, the rugged AF-5 is well-suited for touring applications.

Despite its power and durability, the AF-5 is compact, lightweight and easy to transport. The 1-horspower unit measures 530mm long (20.9”) by 470 mm (18.5”) wide by 490 mm high (19.3”) and weighs 17.5 kilograms (38.6 lbs.).

Available to order at all Industry Gear outlets across Australia. For more information contact Industry Gear on 02 971 84 900 ir visit