Anolis Sets the Mood at Cockle Bay Wharf

Posted on Friday, October 29th, 2010


Waterforms International has recently installed 30 Anolis ArcSource 6 fixtures in the main water fountain at Cockle Bay Wharf’s Brolga Fountain in Darling Harbour.

Darling Park Management approached Dirk Slotboom from Waterforms as they wanted the water fountain to be the centerpiece and enhance the great vibe at Cockle Bay Wharf with mood, the sound of water and ambient colour change. Their previous old fibre optic system had not worked for years so it was due for an up to date LED transition. Now they can set the mood to colour change or sit on one colour which is controlled by an E:Cue Butler control system. 

The word Brolga has a rich Aboriginal heritage meaning and as you look at the sculptured Brolgas around the fountain, you can imagine the birds are dancing around a campfire. The aboriginal dream time story of the Brolga is one of the finest passed on from one generation to the next, and every bit a part of the story-telling quality of the civic architecture of Darling Park and Cockle Bay Wharf.

 The new fixtures not only enable them to theme the traditional events in the retail calendar, but now you envisage the Brolgas dancing around a camp fire as they can now replicate the colours seen in an actual camp fire.

Darling Park Management are extremely pleased with the Anolis installation said Dirk. Cockle Bay Wharf’s Brolga fountain is once again the most photographed water feature in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Management has advised there is another water feature coming up for a refit of lighting and Anolis will definitely be their number one choice again.