Anolis Performs at QPAC

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009


The Queensland Government has recently invested $34 million dollars to refurbish the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), located in Brisbane’s South Bank.

This is the first major renovation since the opening of QPAC in 1985. The refurbishment has included new seating, the latest in lighting technology and improved acoustics for the 2,000-seat Lyric Theatre and the 1,800-seat Concert Hall, as well as new public spaces such as bars, café’s and foyers.

Anolis was one of the high powered LED lights specified in the Concert Hall, Lyric Theatre and ground level bars, due to its robust finish, high quality and reputation for high performance – not only in Australia but throughout the world. Anolis LED fixtures are known for their long life, low power consumption and low maintenance.

“The choice of LED fixtures provides an overall reduction in power consumption, so for many projects today is an instant ‘first choice’. Add to that the excellent performance and effect that can be quite easily achieved with the Anolis LED solution, and it is not difficult to demonstrate the value proposition – particularly in large venues like QPAC”, says Sales Manager Blair Terrace.

All lighting designs and specifications were by AECOM senior lighting designer, Rick Morrison, in collaboration with QPAC’s Lighting Department “As an example”, Blair continues, “The QPAC Concert Hall can change mood and theme virtually at will, with subtle changes in the colour and intensity of the Anolis ArcLine strips that Rick Morrison has specified. Patrons have a new experience with every production they attend, even before the curtain goes up”.  Rick has made use of Anolis on numerous applications.

Over 50 Anolis Arcline36 Optic RGB strips were installed in the Concert Hall for roof and wall washing, as well as underneath the foyer bars of the Lyric Theatre and Concert Hall giving seamless illumination. Anolis ArcSource 7 Warm White fixtures were installed over the tops of the bar for an even rich and warm glowing effect. In addition, 40 SGM Palco’s were used on the platforms for ceiling and organ lighting.

In total, 14 Anolis Drivers were used, comprising Anolis ArcPower 360 DMX, Anolis ArcPower 144 and Anolis ArcPower 36, to control the fixtures in the Concert Hall. Utilizing high powered Luxeon Emitters, the Anolis Arcline36 Optic RGB strip is designed and made with the highest quality of interchangeable optical systems ensuring that the desired effect can be achieved in the widest range of architectural application possibilities.

QPAC’s Manager – Lighting, Doug Brimblecombe says that the Anolis product has proved to be very reliable and achieved really good outcomes in terms of creating a feel or environment for patrons.

“We had a few strips left over from the project, so I purchased some extra controllers and have started using them in the venues as part of the theatrical equipment. Being such a small footprint they fit into sets well where other products would not. The output is good and although the control is not typical of theatre control, it is easy to use. The most recent example of its use was for the production of Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision under the main stage riser. It was a tight space, but the Anolis strips gave the impression that the stage was floating ,” says Doug.