Anolis lights up the history in Melbourne Museum

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011

Melbourne Museum, located in the Carlton Gardens in the Capital of Victoria, is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. It welcomes its visitors to seven main galleries, giving them a choice of several unique permanent exhibits as well as special temporary projects.

Anolis ArcPad 48 wash lights were added to the lighting scheme along with conventional lights to create a special atmosphere for two main, permanent exhibits in Melbourne Museum’s – ‘Science & Life’ and ‘600 million years of Victoria’.

In Science and Life Gallery, ArcPad 48 RGBW wash lights are used to paint skeletons of dinosaurs and other giant prehistoric animals in saturated colours. The 600 million years of Victoria exhibition lets you discover the story of Victoria’s evolution. The ArcPad 48 fixtures create a special atmosphere while you explore the geological time scale and learn more about the plants, animals and environments of Victoria over millions of years.

Marcel Takac from ULA Group comments about the project: “The Museum originally installed ArcPad 48’s in one exhibit and the feedback was so positive that they didn’t hesitate specifying these fixtures again. The quality of light is exceptional and the LED fixtures deliver maintenance-free operation, which is very beneficial in such a busy and popular Museum”.