Anolis Launches New Products for Architectural Lighting

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Anolis recently launched a variety of new architectural lighting products. The company’s ArcSource-branded items include the 1MC (pictured here), 24MC, Inground 24MC, Outdoor 24/48, Outdoor 24MC/48MC, Wall 4MC, TwinWall 8MC, ArcLine Outdoor Optic POB “Power On Board” 9, 13, 27, 33 and ArcPower 24TC, 4x24TC, 48TC and 4x48TC.







ArcSource 1MC

The Anolis ArcSource 1MC (pictured above) combines the latest LED Multi Chip technology and a standard beam angle of 24°. The multi-chip LED offers seamless color mixing with homogeneous color output from a single point source. The high IP rating means that this product can be submerged in water up to a depth of 5m. ArcSource 1 makes an ideal marker light for a wide range of applications, either indoor or outdoor. The Anolis ArcSource 1MC is powered by the Anolis ArcPower range of drivers.

ArcSource 24MC

The ArcSource 24MC is a powerful architectural luminaire with homogeneous color output using Cree’s new multichip LED technology. It promises precise single-point-of-color emission and uniform output of the lens options. Other features include advanced cooling and driving techniques for high light output.

ArcSource Inground 24MC

The Anolis ArcSource Inground 24MC bring the option of multichip LED technology to exterior lighting. IP67 rated and with drive overload bearings, these inground fixtures promise to be well-suited for the most demanding exterior applications. ArcSource Inground 24MC also offers new generation of high power LED multichips, combining a new homogeneous color distribution system with precise single-point-of-color emission.

ArcSource Outdoor 24, ArcSource Outdoor 48

The ArcSource Outdoor 24 / 48 promise high light output with a full range of optics. Mounted within an IP66 high-grade aluminum housing, this product is designed for exterior applications. Its stirrup mounting allows for a wide range of movement, then locked into position as needed. Power and control are supplied by the Anolis ArcPower range of drivers. 

ArcSource Outdoor 24MC, ArcSource Outdoor 48MC

The ArcSource Outdoor 24MC and 48MC also promise high light output from new LED multi chip technologies and a full range of optics. Mounted within an IP66 high-grade aluminum housing, this product is well-suited for outdoor lighting applications including landscape scenarios. Also features stirrup mounting/locking. Power and control are supplied by a new range of Anolis ArcPower drivers complete with thermal feedback control.

ArcSource Wall 4MC, ArcSource TwinWall 8MC

Promising powerful performance and seamless color mixing, the ArcSource Wall 4MC and ArcSource TwinWall 8MC are also designed to render homogeneous color output and precise single-point-of-color emission, along with advanced cooling and driving technologies optimized for maximum light output. LEDs make these fixtures both energy-efficient and give them a long working life. A compact wall mounted fitting can be used to uplight or downlight from a wall-mounted position, making them well-suited where recessed fittings are not an option.

ArcLine Outdoor Optic POB “Power On Board” 9, 13, 27, 33

ArcLine Optic SmartWhite POB ?Power on Board” is designed to serve as a self-sufficient lighting solution. These fixtures combine  warm white and cold white high powered LEDs with the balanced design profile of the Anolis ArcLine Outdoor Optic range, serving as a versatile linear lighting system solution.

ArcPower 24TC, 4x24TC, 48TC, 4x48TC

The new Anolis ArcPower TC features internal electronics are designed to ensure that, regardless of the environmental conditions, the connected fittings will run at optimum performance. They are also designed for compatibility with industry standard DMX 512 protocols, Cat5 connectivity and plug-and-play installation.

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