Anolis is a Star at The Casino!

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008

Anolis LED fixtures are illuminating a stunning key water feature at the entrance to Sydney’s Star City Casino.

The installation is the first of its type in Australia to integrate Anolis in this very specific way, and was designed by a leading Sydney-based water feature specialist.

The Anolis products were supplied by the brand’s Australian distributor, ULA, for whom the project was overseen by Con Nomikos from the Sydney office. It is the first of a series of water features in and around the Star City complex that will be lit or re-lit with Anolis.

The prime position of this fountain at the entrance of the Casino is designed to make people stop and look before being enticed up the steps and through the portals onto the gaming floor, so it was essential that it was bright, lively and eye-catching.

The circular shaped fountain encompasses three concentric circles of Anolis. There is a sphere of 20 cold white ArcSource 3s on the outside, and two tiers of ArcSource 12 RGBs in the centre, totalling 12 fixtures. The lights are run via an E:cue controller, triggered, along with flame effects and the fountain jets via a ShowMagic show control system.

The fountain’s designer Robert Portocarrero explains, “This is our first LED lit work, although we have been considering using the technology for some time – for all the obvious practical reasons – power and energy saving, low maintenance and cost-effectivity. Additionally, the Anolis colours and the quality of the light are really excellent, so there’s plenty of imaginative scope, and the product is robust and very well made. It is the perfect solution all round”.

This water feature cycles through and runs a 7 minute show which also includes flames and an audio track, during which time 40,000 litres of water is pumped around the system. In the show, the jets – which are programmed into many different formations – shimmer, sparkle and refract the light, creating some great colour mixes and some unusual aberrations.

The Casino is so impressed with the spectacular results of the entrance fountain’s lighting, that Anolis has now been specified to replace the current lightsources in all 14 of the complex’s water features.

The client is also looking into upgrading its various other city centre fountain sites with Anolis.