Anolis ArcPad reaches the parts…

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Specialist LED lighting manufacturer Anolis has launched its Anolis ArcPad 3.48, an LED RGBW ‘brick’ fixture, designed for colour-changing applications like wall washing and highlighting of large alcoves and areas where space is a premium and installation can be challenging.

Its neat dimensions and flexible focus options enable it to be squeezed into small recesses and other inaccessible corners, nooks and crannies, while the projected lifespan of up to 60,000 hours make it suitable for all types of ‘fit-and-forget’ architectural applications. It is IP 65 rated, so is suited to exterior use.

The ArcPad 3.48’s head is a cast aluminium radiator onto which the LED matrix and lenses are fitted, and this can be panned plus or minus 46 degrees and tilted plus 60 and minus 90 degrees in relation to the base.

The cast aluminium base can be utilised for floor or wall mounting via two holes in the bottom, and it is controlled by the Anolis ArcPower 48 driver, with full RJ45 connectability.

The fixture features 48 Luxeon Rebel LEDs, a standard 25 degree lens array and is convection cooled. Its maximum power consumption is 60W and it produces a rich selection of colours.

L&SI Source L&SI Online

Australian Distributor: ULA