An Innovative Console for an Innovative Company

Posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Jeremy Koch, managing director of Innovative Production Services, was looking for a lighting control solution that he could foresee using in the long term (rather than a shortterm dead end purchase) and one with a solid support system. His wishes were answered by the Jands Vista S3, the compact version of Jands’ revolutionary Vista Lighting Control System that puts all the fabulous features of the full-scale console into a desk you can fit under your arm.

“Local support was very important,” commented Jeremy. “Immediately we were led to the Vista and then we had to choose which solution was the most cost effective for us in the short term whilst also giving us a platform on which we could build upon in the future.”

Jeremy reports that the Vista S3 is an extremely easy to use lighting console despite describing it as very different. He favours the Vista S3’s compact size which is perfect for the many corporate events that Innovative cater to.

“As far as the operating system of the console is concerned I would call the Vista the Macintosh of the lighting console world,” he claimed. “At the end of the day, all lighting consoles – whether it is a Hog, grandMa or Vista – are all doing the same thing: controlling lights and spitting out DMX512. I was looking for something that was innovative and different which went along with our company philosophy. The Vista ticked all the boxes particularly as far as the confidence I gained from talking with the development team at Jands about future features that will be implemented in the continuous development of the product”.