American DJ¹s Pearl LED White

Posted on Friday, March 28th, 2008

American DJ¹s Pearl LED White emits pinpoints of brilliant white light. This cutting-edge LED technology, combined with a special glass optic system, gives the beams a brightness and vibrancy that outshines halogen and looks stunning even without a fog machine.

Being LED the fixture draws much less power than halogen moonflowers, making them more economical to operate and allowing more units to be run on a single circuit. Their long-life LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours plus, virtually eliminating the expense and hassle of lamp replacement. Since LED fixtures emit very little heat the Pearl is able to run all night without shutting down for a duty cycle while keeping performers or those on the dance floor nice and cool.

The fixture can be operated in DMX, Sound Active and Master/Slave modes and a manual focusing lens makes the beams nice and crisp. The extremely wide beam angle covers a large area, so they¹re up to the task of handling clubs and venues of all sizes. Operators will be thankful for the fixture¹s cool running temperature

– no more waiting for white-hot halogen lamps to cool down before packing them away. Compact and lightweight in size these are ideal for mobile entertainers each weighing a mere 1.5 kgs and supplied with a hanging bracket and 12 month warranty. RRP $279.

Australian Distributor: LSW