American DJ¹s Dual Gem LED

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2008

American DJ¹s Dual Gem LED is a dual-lens fixture that offers double the excitement by projecting 2 moonflower effects from the one unit.

It is powered by high-output LEDs that produce razor-sharp beams of red, green and blue light that will not fade and are not dependent on a fog machine for their brilliance. With its LED technology plus an advanced glass optical system, the Dual Gem LED creates a spectacular light show that outstrips anything that could be achieved with traditional halogen moonflowers.

Its 2 clusters of brilliant beams emit an output similar to that of dual 250W halogen lamps, but it draws only 15W of power! What¹s more, the Dual Gem LED has no moving parts. Between its long LED life and lack of moving parts to break or wear down it will perform reliably year after year with very little maintenance.

A sound active effect, the Dual Gem LED features built-in programs that keep its 2 moonflowers moving to the beat of the music. It comes with a convenient hanging bracket and what¹s more a circuit breaker is included so there¹s never any chance of blowing fuses.

Priced within the reach of mobile entertainers or club owners on a budget, the Dual Gem LED offers breathtaking performance in a compact and easily portable package.

Weighing only 2 kgs the Dual Gem LED has a recommended retail price of $279.00.

Australian Distributor: LSW