Alpha Wash Halo from Clay Paky

Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2008

The Clay Paky Alpha Wash Halo is a 1200W* warm halogen lamp with true colour mixing and extensive optical zoom. Perfect for film, television, theatre, concerts and corporate events, it offers the exceptional lighting experience and reliability expected from a Clay Paky fixture.

The Halo includes a large linear zoom of 14° – 64° as standard. This is substantially larger then its closest competitor, which has a zoom of just 18° – 40°. It also features linear frost, strobe option, electronic dimmer, an indexable beam shaper and motorised top hat for perfect beam control. All these features make the Halo the perfect choice for maximum flexibility.

The Halo provides all the advantages of a halogen lamp, including a smooth, uniform colour field, warm colour tones, energy saving option and gradual dimming, creating an ideal solution for any application that requires a warm uniform light beam with soft edges. However, Clay Paky goes further to provide an 80V lamp as standard, offering an even brighter solution.

The Halo has CMY colour mixing, allowing a vast array of colours to be generated from a single source. This provides some of the truest colour mixing available, including a fantastic blood red and congo blue.

Most importantly, the Alpha Wash Halo offers the proven reliability of a Clay Paky fixture. As the Halo has been on the market for sometime, it presents the buyer with proven reliability compared to similar products that have more recently hit the market.

* Also available in a 1000W Model.