Alive Technology Group Embraces the Future

Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Tasmania based Production Company, Alive Technology Group has chosen new technology from ULA consisting of VuePix P18 LED Panels, Robe ColorSpot 700E AT and formidable Robe Digital Spot 7000DT in strong indication that lighting rental companies in particular are embracing the potential of this technology, especially digital lighting fixtures – even amidst economically challenging times.

Alive Tech offer complete lighting, sound and audio visual services for corporate and entertainment clients both within Tasmania and Australia wide. Managing Director David Bell says “clients are already choosing to use our services because of the recent addition to our lighting inventory”.

David continues, “The Robe 700 series is equal if not superior to others on the market in a comparable price range. We had no other fixtures with the zoom range, power and portability that the Robe ColorSpot 700E AT’s offer. The features of this fixture give us an edge over our competitors that our clients appreciate. The feedback from our clients and staff has been fantastic”.

Alive Tech’s staff have not stopped commenting on the Robe ColorSpot 700E AT’s stating “the handles are easy to use”, “they are so fast” and “the zoom is amazing!” “We have never had corporate clients requesting a particular kind of moving light by name before, and this is what they are doing with the new 700 fixture” says David.

The Robe Digital Spot 7000DT is a unique product, and Alive Tech’s first foray into the future of lighting projection technology. David’s first comment once he viewed a demonstration of the DigitalSpot 7000DT – “Lets just say that some of the features blew us away!”. These fixtures too are taking numerous bookings for upcoming jobs, as regular clients look forward to the flexibility they can offer.

VuePix P18 panels were selected as David was looking for a semi-transparent LED screen that offers indoor and outdoor usability. “Having an 18mm pitch with a SMD LED unit at a competitive price is exactly what we needed to have in our hire inventory”. David continues, “VuePix gives us the ability to design and create a number of different scenarios or atmospheres for both our corporate and entertainment clients, offering a caliber that has not yet been seen in Tasmania”.

Alive Tech’s VuePix screen is currently on tour with the Choice Home Loans national conference road show. David said that his clients are so impressed with the screens that they are extremely disappointed if it’s not available because it’s booked on another event.

“We are confident that our use of these new products on jobs so far has not only added to the quality and impact on these jobs but has also significantly increased our chance of obtaining future work from those clients” says David.

David concludes saying, “All the products delivered by ULA have been everything and more than we expected. They have all performed well and have drawn positive comments from all the clients organising the jobs where they have been used. We have particularly appreciated the help from ULA in the initial setting up and operating of the VuePix screen. Any delivery, technical or functional problems have been resolved more than satisfactorily and the ULA staff are always a pleasure to deal with.”