ALIA Tour to Phantom of the Opera, Sydney

Posted on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera, one of the world’s most loved musicals, is returning to Sydney after 12 years and ALIA Members have the opportunity to learn all about the lighting for this new production courtesy of Associate Lighting Desiger Mike Odam and Production Electrician Ken Roach.

Designed by Andrew Bridge the show uses High End Studio Beam’s, Martin MAC700’s, VL 1000’s, VL5’s and Martin Atomics plus a timeless collection of conventionals: Source 4 profiles, CCT Minuette Profiles and Fresnels and a much loved Patt 23 that’s been on the show for the last 18 years.  Control is via two grandMA consoles with two NSP’s. Dimming is provided by Jands HP-12’s. 6 Followspots – 2 Robert Juliet Arimis and 4 Beam Lights (also originals from the first season!). A Howard Eaton Radio Dimming System runs the various set electrics, including the famous chandelier.

This version of Phantom opened at the Princess, Melbourne in 1990, it toured to Brisbane in 1996, and since leaving Australia has traveled throughout Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. When moving, the whole show travels in 23 Sea Containers and weighs in at 110 Ton. The rig was refurbished for the Singapore season in March 2007 in preparation for the new Australian Tour.

Lighting Designer: Andrew Bridge

Associate Lighting Desiger: Mike Odam

Production Electrician: Ken Roach

Head Electrician: Ed Cymerman

Deputy Head Electrician/ Board Op: Hugh Calton

Date: Tuesday May 13th

Time: 5pm

Place: Lyric Theatre, Sydney

If you would like to attend this tour, please read the ALIA Tour Protocol, then email your name and mobile phone number sydneyphantom(at)