ALIA Tour to Muse, Melbourne

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010

Muse are the masters of modern arena rock. This three-piece from Devon, England embody rock bombast. The stage show for their Australian tour is the very opposite of subdued and intimate, with huge screens, a projected visual accompaniment for each song, raising and lowering platforms, crazy lights, huge balloons that look like eyeballs, a plexiglass grand piano, and frickin’ lasers…my god, the lasers.

If you’re a true lighting enthusiast then you can’t miss this one! It’s one hell of a show.

Lighting designer Oli Metcalfe has kindly agreed to conduct a tour of his lighting rig on December 15th in Melbourne. The rig is massive and includes 16 x High End Showgun, 16 x High End Showbeam, 65 x Martin MAC 301 LED Wash, 18 x Vari*Lite 3500 Wash FX, 24 x Vari*Lite 3000 Spot, 32 x Martin Atomic 3000, 6 x Barco DML 1200, 396 x PixLED F-30 Panel, 4 x Robert Juliet 2.5kw Aramis Medium Throw Spot , 4 x Reel FX DF50, 2 x High End F100 Fogger, and  2 x Londoner Fan Vari Speed. Control and data distribuiton includes 2 x Flying Pig Systems Whole HOG III, 1 x Flying Pig Systems Whole HOG III Expansion Wing, 1 x Flying Pig Systems DP8000, 1 x Flying Pig Systems I/O Unit, 2 x Managed Gigabit EtherNet Swich, 2 x Luminex DM8 Artnet Node, 1 x Luminex DM8 Artnet Node, 2 x Luminex DM8 WiFi Artnet Node, 4 x Luminex 2 Universe Data Split fitted with XLR 5 Outputs, 4 x Catalyst V4 Systrem Running on a MacPro Intel 8 Core, 10 x DVI Monitor for Catalysts, 4 x Midi Time Input Nodes for Catalyst, 4 x Folsom Image Pro Scan Converter, 1 x Clearcom Base Station (Single Channel), 8 x Headset & Beltpack Set, 6 x UPS for Processing, Networking and FOH Control, and 100m Control Snake c/w 4 x CAT5 EtherConn , 2 x XLR 5, 2 x XLR 3, & 2 x 16A.

Date: Wednesday December 15th
Time: 3pm
Where: Rod Laver Arena

If you would like to attend this tour, please read the ALIA Tour Protocol, then email your name, and mobile phone number to