ALIA Tour to James Blunt, Sydney

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


When James Blunt’s current “Some Kind of Trouble” world tour hits Australia next month lighting director Glen Johnson will be using 50 Martin MAC 301 wash lights along with 12 of Martin Professional’s new MAC 101 CT units, a versatile white light variant of the ultra-compact fixture.

 The show is designed by the ever creative Paul Normandale and Glen has kindly agreed to conduct a tour of the rig which includes:  12 x Martin MAC 101CT, 24 x Mac 700, 6 Mac 2000 Wash XB, 24 x Sunstrip, 5 x Thomas Par 36, 7 x Starcloth Power & Data Drop, and 50 MAC 301 Wash. Control is a MA Lighting MA2 light.

Glen is a true gentleman and always delivers a fabulous and informative tour.

Where: State Theatre, Sydney
When: Tuesday May 17th
Time: 4pm (and should catch the soundcheck too!)

If you would like to attend this tour, please read the ALIA Tour Protocol, then email your name, and mobile phone number to