ALIA Tour to Hillsong, Sydney

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008

The annual July Hillsong Conference in Sydney is one of the country’s largest productions and this year is no exception. The lighting includes 2 x GrandMA, 3 x Maxedia, 8 x Showgun, 34 x VL3000 Profile, 16 x VL3500 Wash, 30 x TW1, 6 x VL1000, 12 x Atomic Strobes, 40 x Duets, 12 x 80volt Pacifics, 40 x Chromabanks, 20 x Stagebars, 26 x 5k Fresnel, 32 x 2k Fresnel. Vision includes 1 x 12 Camera HD outside broadcast system, 1 x 5 camera SD outside broadcast system, 10 x Final cut pro edit suites, 152 x Lighthouse ER10 panels, 89 x Lighthouse R16 panels, 16 x Martin LC panels, 9 x projection screens
Technical Producer for the event is Ian Anderson who has kindly offered to conduct two limited number tours of the lighting as well as the broadcast, audio and AV setup. People are most welcome to stay for the beginning of the rallies to see the systems in operation.

Date: Wednesday July 9th

Time: 3.30pm or 6.30pm

Place: Acer Arena, Sydney