ALIA Tour to Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion, Sydney

Posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Control and Dimming: 2 x Consoles Compulite Micron 4D, 2 x ETC SP48 Sensor Touring Racks, 2 x ETC Response Opto Splitters, 1x Doug Fleenor 125DMX Opto Splitter, 1 x Doug Fleenor 2-Universe DMX switcher

Conventional Fixtures:
125 x ETC Source Four Pars, 7 x ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals – 14 Degrees, 17 x ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals – 19 Degrees, 22 x ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals – 26 Degrees, 21 x ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals – 36 Degrees, 12 x ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals – 50 Degrees, 2 x ETC Source Four Junior Ellipsoidals – 26 Degrees, 2 x ETC Source Four Junior Ellipsoidals – 50 Degrees, 9 x Desisti Leonardo 5KW Fresnels, 6 x Strand 2KW Fresnels, 4 x Strand Coda 500 Far Cyc, 26 x Par 20, 1 x Robert Juliat D’Artagnan 933SNX, 4 x Lycian 1266 Followspots
Automated Fixtures: 8 x Clay Paky Superscan Zoom 1200, 8 x Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200, 6 x High End Systems Dataflash AF-1000, 48 x Chroma Q CL-3 Digital Color Changers, 6 x Chroma Q M2 Color Changers, 4 x Chroma Q Roto-Q DMX dual gobo rotators, 9 x Chroma Q power supplies, 9 x Compulite Whisper 5KW power supplies, 2 x Compulite Whisper power supplies

Special Effects and Others: 4 x JEM Glaciator X-Stream low fog generators, 1 x High End Systems F-100 fog machine, 2 x ReelFX DF-50 Hazers, 1 x LeMaitre MicroFog portable fog machine, 15 x Global Design Solutions Blue Domes, 1 x Leon Audio 14-Channel cue light system, 120 x 12V MR-16 bulbs (as part of the set)