Alfresco Gaming Area transformed with Pro Shop LED Strips

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2011

The design and construction team of the Paynter Dixon and Group GSA has delivered a stunning alfresco gaming area to Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. The area has further been enhanced by the lighting wizardry of Haron Robson.

The new design has taken full advantage of the double height gaming lounge space. This lounge interacts in a unique juxtaposition with the alfresco gaming area. A perimeter two storey timber framed glass wall allows a seamless connection between these two areas. A modest separation through a sleeve of unroofed space enables each area to take an uncommon advantage of outlook over the other area.

Above the alfresco area is an expansive reflective mesh screen which is doused with subtle feature lighting consisting of surface-mounted Pro Shop LED Strips as well as surface-mounted 70W warm white metal halide uplighters providing a sparkle effect to the front façade. Controlled by DMX, the Pro Shop LED Strips have the ability to create a variety of effects, including chasing and colour mixing, so the backlit screens can change appearance from one day to the next or from night to day.

Photos: Paynter Dixon