ADB launch Liberty and Freedom

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The new lighting control desks from ADB Lighting introduce a new generation of intuitive and creative control for every type of light. Fully equipped for today’s ever evolving lighting world, these compact but powerful lighting control desks effortlessly integrate generics, moving lights, LEDs, video servers and more.

For all types of applications LIBERTY and FREEDOM combine ADB’s proven product durability with the latest and most exciting blend of software and hardware. Ready for professional theatre and broadcast applications, and other applications, it’s highly powerful as standard, and easily expandable with multiple external touch screens. An array of interfaces also makes it simple to work simultaneously with different network protocols. With professional theatre lighting in mind, Freedom gives you fully integrated management of scrollers and gel strings. At the same time, the push wheels and dedicated keys on the motion section make programming a show with hundreds of moving lights both intuitive and flexible, while the integrated touch screen is perfect for touring.
Australian distributor: LSC Lighting