ACETA steps up to support students building careers in entertainment technology

Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013

As everyone knows, getting the right qualification is just the start in building a career in entertainment technology.  The first job is the critical step in turning that dream into a reality.

ACETA (Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technology Association) has stepped up to help students and new grads achieve that with the Skill Zone at ENTECH 2013.  It’s not a job bureau, but a way to learn about all the options in the industry and how to go about approaching an employer.  It’s a way to build those contacts that will help kickstart a career.

At ENTECH 2013 ACETA will launch their new careers guide and hold a forum for students to meet industry identities to talk about how they have built their careers over the years.  The careers guide talks about the qualifications required for the various roles and how to best match yourself to a job that suits not only your interests, but also your lifestyle.  The forum is interactive, so attendees get to ask questions as much as the panellists get to talk.  It’s a rare opportunity to ge

Frank Hinton, president of ACETA said, “We are all aware that a qualification is the foundation of theory that’s needed for a career in entertainment technology, but a new grad needs to have the understanding of how to turn that theory into practical solutions.  That’s the big gap.  That’s what we are offering to help address.

“So the new careers guide outlines all the career options across the industry, and we plan to launch this at ENTECH.  Then we will hold a forum for students to talk with industry identities.  And we will also be visiting exhibitors to talk with them about whether they can offer internships or work placements for students or new grads.  It’s the old Catch 22; you can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job.  We’re an industry that needs skilled workers and specific skills.”

ACETA is the industry association for the commercial and entertainment technology sector, with members including manufacturers and distributors.  More information about ACETA is at