ACETA launches trade show survey

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

One of the hottest topics from the commercial and entertainment sector to ACETA, the recently formed industry association, is the issue of the crowded calendar of trade shows in Australia.  To collect data and comments to support their discussions with the main show organisers ACETA has launched a trade show survey, inviting members and non members to participate.  The survey can be found at the ACETA website at and is open until 31 October 2011. 

One of the driving reasons for the establishment of ACETA was the increasing concern across the sector about the amount of money they’re being asked to invest in what seems like an ever-increasing number of trade shows.  There would be less of an outcry if each show delivered excellent value for money, but exhibitors complain that the return isn’t there, mainly because the delegates are being spread too thinly across too many shows.  Of course, technology integration is only exacerbating the problem. 

“Australia is a robust market, but with only 22 million inhabitants, plus visitors from places such as New Zealand, it’s the law of diminishing returns.  We can’t keep expanding the number of shows and expecting to do substantially more business from them” said Ian Harvey, Executive Officer of the Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technologies Association.  “Not every show is annual, but many are. 

Companies are having to make tough decisions about which to attend and which to pass on, and each time blood pressure rises because who knows if that’s the right decision?  Budgets aren’t infinite, visitor numbers aren’t growing sufficiently to justify the additional cost of attending yet more shows, and somewhere something is going to have to give.  As the industry association ACETA has taken on the responsibility of addressing this issue, but we need the sector to participate in the survey in order to provide the data and commentary to ensure we take those discussions down the right path.”

Responses to the surveys are confidential and can’t be tracked back to any individual, so respondents can be frank and forthright. 

For more information: or 03 9527 8133

Background:  ACETA –  the Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technologies Association  –  was established in 2011 and currently has 26 members which are manufacturers and distributors.  Current projects in addition to the crowded trade show calendar are: Industry statistics, addressing the skills shortage, addressing conformity (the integration of A Tick, C Tick and RCM) and developing industry guidelines.  ACETA has also taken over the management of AWAG, the wireless audio group which is working with government and government authorities to ensure a smooth transition to digital spectrum, and is about to establish an Australian manufacturers forum providing information and resources for the many commercial and entertainment technology exporters.