A great ALIA tour to AC/DC

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010

by tour attendee Mark Chatterton

Cosmo took us on stage to begin with showing us the lighting rig and the AC/DC train up close.  The first thing you notice is the sheer number and size of the lighting rig, from little big lights to a huge number of Coemar Infinity Wash lights and what seems to be a sprinkling of par cans just for that old school rock’n’roll feel.  Once we headed out to FOH we saw the huge setup of Molephays either side of the stage just asking to be kicked into blinding action, when they do the power draw knocks the follow spots out of action!  Cosmo talked us through the initial design ideas all the way through to the challenges of taking such a big rig on tour and how AC/DC try to ensure the shows go off without an issue by taking as much of their own stuff on tour as possible, they even bring their own generators.  If you want to see how to do an old school rock’n’roll show with the new technology I highly recommend going along to the shows and see how Comso and crew do it, you will be Thunderstruck by it!