3D Pixel Mapping on a 2D Screen

Posted on Monday, December 18th, 2017

by Vickie Claiborne

As pixel mapping is becoming more and more commonplace in the lighting world, and LEDs are being incorporated into 3D configurations to create scenic objects like chandeliers and cubes, the challenge of programming them increases. Instead of looking at the pixels in a 2D flat “plan” view, now we’re beginning to think about looking at pixels from all sides and angles.

This new approach to pixel mapping has resulted in applications being forced to account for depth in the pixel map as well as width and height. But laying out a pixel map in 3D space is not easily achieved in most 2D-based media servers that have pixel mapping capabilities. And this is why some programmers turn to applications like Madrix because of the simplicity of creating a 3D pixel map.

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