301’s the One for ResX

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010

Resolution X has added the flexible Martin MAC 301 Wash™ LED fixtures to their hire department. Hailed as one of the most exciting LED products on the market, the MAC 301 Wash™ is very compact and bright, has amazing response time and a zoom function that makes it extremely versatile.

“Normally we are the first to show new product to our clients,” remarked Tim Hall, Managing Director at ResX. “However with the MAC 301 Wash™ the table was reversed as we had several clients who had used the MAC 301 Wash™ interstate and loved them. Basically they were demanding we got some!

“I’m glad we were pushed as they have proved to be outstanding units; bright, fast and quiet. Of added benefit is how many you can pack into a small space – both in the air and the truck”.

Capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colours from rich saturated shades to pastels through the entire zoom range, the MAC 301 Washes™ are ideal for corporate work and since their arrival at ResX the MAC 301 Wash™ LED fixtures have been working hard on several corporate events.

Pictured is Marcus Pugh, Hire Manager at ResX with some of the new units.