Martin and ShowPro for Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree,

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Geelong’s infamous Floating Christmas Tree, supported by Geelong Port, has returned in spectacular fashion and this year includes an interactive element, giving people control of the floating tree’s lights.The interactive element is accessed from The Carousel, and operates in the nine minute breaks between the main lighting show.

Total Events supplied most of the fifty plus wash and moving head fixtures for the project, including Martin  RUSH MH7 Hybrids, ShowPro EX36 LED Floods, and ShowPro Quad-18 LED Pars. Additionally, almost 100 LED tubes with individual pixel control are suspended throughout the tree.

“The RUSH MH7 Hybrid has been a surprising performer” commented Greg Edge, Total Events’ technical manager. “The beam strength, even in most colours, along with the accuracy and relatively fast movement for it’s size, lets it compete with and sometimes outperform other moving heads in a higher price bracket. Along with its other modes (profile and wash), its great value for money and so far in trying conditions, they have been extremely reliable.

“The EX36s are just a solid benchmark; bulletproof, great output with all colours, and versatile. With both the MH7 and EX36, versatility and reliability is very important to us. We work in an extremely wide range of environments often on some odd and interesting events, and these new additions to our lighting inventory have the flexibility and performance to deliver consistently. Total Events are proud both to have been involved in the project, as well as with the final presentation.”

Scott Parker – Project Manager
Mark Hammer – Lighting Designer
Greg Edge – Technical Manager
Bill Busbridge and Ken O’Brian – Rigging & Structural